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Anny Ballardini
Via Duca d’Aosta, 79/5
39100 Bozen
+39 348 461 2614
Lingue e Letterature EuroAmericane, Traduzione e Critica Letteraria, 2017
Universita’ degli Studi di Trento
Magistrale con specializzazione in inglese

Ph.D., 2013
Universita’ degli Studi di Verona
37129 Verona, Italy
Major: English (Poetics)
Minor Field: Rhetoric/Linguistics [3-year-course]

MFA, Honors, 2008
University of New Orleans
New Orleans LA 70148
Creative Writing with a specialization in Poetry [3 to 8-year-course]

Translator and Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpreter, 1978
Translators’ & Interpreters’ Superior School, Florence
IULM, MI, Carlo Bo’, Director, Italy


2010-2013   Cultrice della Materia (TA activities), University of Studies of Verona, Italy: Linguistics, English 1.
2010-12    Cultrice della Materia (TA activities) University of Studies of Verona, Italy: English Literature.
2010-12    Saperi minimi (English language: elementary) University of Studies of Verona, Italy.
1997-date   High School teacher, Linguistic Lyceum, Istituto delle Marcelline, Bolzano, Italy, History, History of Art, Biology, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate English, English Literature.
In the past ten years, private English courses for the following schools for :
ESP – English for special purposes:
Organized by Cedocs, Bolzano, of the length of about 40 hours:
Course for Veterinaries
Course for the Army: Parachuters
Course for  “Guardie di Finanza” [Finance Guards]
Course for Businessmen over 60

Organized by Easy Life – Ricci, Rome
Course for ANVAC (airport: Control Tower)
3 courses for ENAC (airport – Regulations and Safety)

Organized by Volkshochschule, Bolzano:
Course for Tourism

Ghost Dance in 33 Movements. Otoliths, 2009. Print.
Opening and Closing Numbers. Moria, 2005. Print.
Instruments of change, poetry collection on the UNO site, courtesy of Professor Bill Lavender:

Poetry Blogs: Blogging as the sharing of knowledge on the UNO site, courtesy of Professor Bill Lavender:

Derrida’s Of Grammatology on the UNO site, courtesy of Professor Bill Lavender:

Ronald Johnson’s Ark on the UNO site, courtesy of Professor Bill Lavender:
Architecting Fate: Arakawa and Gins: Architecture and Philosophy. AG3: 2010. Online.


2011  New Hungers for Old: One-Hundred Years of Italian-American Poetry (Dennis Barone, Editor). “They came from the same place.” Star Cloud Press. ISBN: 978-1-932842-52-4
2011   Fulcrum 7: an Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics (Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovich, Editors), “For David Byrne.” Cambridge, MA. ISSN 1534-7877.
2011   Atlanta Review: Italy (Francesco Levato, Editor), “Michele Pierri: “Ancestors” and “The Walls of Home.” Vol. XVII, No. 2. Atlanta, GA: Poetry Atlanta, Inc. ISSN 1073-9696.
2011   Otoliths (Mark Young, Editor), “DARK WAS THE NIGHT / COLD WAS THE GROUND (Blind Willie Johnson).” Issue 22, 1 August 2011. Rockhampton, Australia. ISSN 1833-623X
2011   Truck (Skip Fox, Editor), “There has Always Been a Resemblance: in My Mind.” .
2010   jelly bucket: for reading (Young Smith and Markus Jones, Editors), “8. Hermann Nitsch (b. 1938) 6. Tage Spiel – Das Orgien Mysterien Teater. Day 3: Day of Dionysus (Excerpt) 1989” and “9. Bill viola (b. 1951) Anthem 1983.” Eastern Kentucky University. ISSN 1948-514X.
2010   The Chained Hay(na)ku Project (Ivy Alvarez, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego & Eileen Tabios, Editors), “Green, and Still, the Three Graces” by Jeff Harrison, Allen Bramhall, and Anny Ballardini. St. Helena, CA: Meritage Press. ISBN 10: 951-9198-78-4.
2010   1000 Views of “Girl Singing” (John Bloomberg-Rissman, Editor), “J’s Asphodel_lovingly.” Nottingham – Claremont: Leafe Press. ISBN 978-0-9561919-1-5.
2010   Otoliths (Mark Young, Editor), “untitled,” “Graffiti,” “Silence.” Rockhampton, Australia. Otoliths. ISSN: 1833-623X.
2009   Ekleksographia #2,,  (Amy King, Editor), “Pina Bausch,” “Mark Leckey.”
2009   poem, home: an Anthology of Ars Poetica (Jennifer Hill and Dan Waber, Editors), “Ars Poetica.” Kingston, Pennsylvania: Paper Kyte Press. ISBN 978-0-9798470-7-3.
2009   Spidertangle (Crag Hill, Editor) “Enlaced.” The National Gallery of Writing, NCTE: National Council of Teacher of English.
2009   Big Bridge, “War Papers: Poetry 3; Eating Chocolate Ice Cream: Reading Maykovsky”, (Halvard Johnson, Editor), “Eating a Sacher Torte while Reading Derrida.”
2009   Otoliths (Mark Young, Editor), “Anthony and Scarlet and the soldier”. Issue twelve, southern summer. Rockhampton, Australia. ISSN: 1833-623X.
2008   Letters to the World (Various Editors), “Apples.” Los Angeles: Red Hen Press. ISBN: 978-1-59709-099-5.
2008   The Salt River Review (James Cervantes, Editor), “19. Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986).” Volume 11, No. 2, Fall.
2008   Otoliths (Mark Young, Editor), “hulaan – kundimaan,” “Ode to the Garbage Can,” “Times’ Gaps.” Issue eleven, southern spring. Rockhampton, Australia. ISSN: 1833-623X.
2007   >2: An Anthology of New Collaborative Poetry (Sheila E. Murphy & M.L. Weber), “erika kaufman, Anny Ballardini, and kari edwards. Colorado Springs, CO: Press. ISBN: 1-4196-7723-3.
2007   “’dust’ (Mark Young, Editor), “Diane.” Issue five, part one, sourther autumn. Rockhampton, Australia. Otoliths. ISSN: 1833-6221.
2007   Words from Visions on Exquisite Corpse (Bill Lavender, Guest Editor), “10. Nam June Paik (1932-2006),” “11. Joseph Beuys (12. Mai 1921 in Krefeld; 23.Januar 1986 in Duesseldorf),” and “12. Terry Fox.”
2007   Otoliths (Mark Young, Editor) “Half of a Full Life.” Issue seven, part one, south spring. Rockhampton, Australia. ISSN: 1833-6221.
2006-2007   E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S: The Second XV Interviews (Tom Beckett, Editor), “Anny Ballardini interviewed by Tom Beckett.” Rockhampton, Australia: Otoliths. ISBN 978-0-9803659-9-3.
2006   Fulcrum 5: an Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics, (Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovich, Editors), “Desert.” Cambridge, MA. ISSN 1534-7877.
2006   e-ra’tio: poetic language (Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Editor) “from Continuous.” Issue seven, spring.
2006 P.F.S. Post: Maximum Post-Avant (Adam Fieled, Editor). “Three-Part Poem,”
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2006   Cipher Journal (Lucas Klein, Editor), “ten – 10 – ten / dieci – 10 – dieci,”
2005   Il Bosco dei Poeti (Lome Menguzzato, Curator):
2004-05   Poetry Salzburg Review No. 7 (Wolfgang Goertschacher, Editor). “Another Sunday Canvas.” Vienna, Austria. ISSN 1561-5871.
2004   The Spoon River Poetry Review, Volume XXIX, No 2 (Gabriel Gudding, Editor) “new joys for toys”. The Illinois Arts Council. ISSN: 0738-8993.
2004   H-ospite (Carlo Martinelli, Guest Editor on Trentino Cultura),
2004   “Texfiles” (Chris Murray, Editor): chosen poet of the week with several poems and translations:
2003   Poetry Feature: Departures (George Wallace, Guest Editor on New York City Lits), “Leaving.”
2003   The 365 Project (Paul Rosheim, Editor of Dactyl Foundation), “identity,”
2002   The Book of Hope (Birgitta Jonsdotti, Editor), “Hope.”  Reykjavik, Iceland. Beyond Borders. ISBN 997995311X.
2002   The World Healing Book (Birgitta Jonsdottir, Editor), “Egypt.” Reykjavik, Iceland. Beyond Borders. ISBN-13: 978-9979953111.
2002   Poetrybay (George Wallace, Editor), “Who Knows,”
2001   The Dream Project, , (Randolph Haeley, Editor), “The Lioness.”
2001   Dialogue Poetry, (Larry Jaffe and Ram Devineni, Editors).
2001   Wild Honey Press (Randolph Healy, Editor), “Every Morning,”


(2015) Parolin L.L., “Designing a New Chair: Transdressing Organizational Boundaries” in Bruni A., Parolin L.L., Schubert C., (eds.) Designing Work, Technology, Organizations and Vice Versa. Vernon Press.    
(2013), Parolin L.L., Mattozzi A., “Sensitive Translations: Sensitive Dimension and Knowledge Within Two Craftsmen’s Workplaces”, Scandinavian Journal of Management, vol. 29 (4), pp. 353–366, DOI 10.1016/j.scaman.2013.07.003 (in the Special Issue on Body, Senses and Knowing in Organization).    
(2014) Thinking Singing: Selected Poems of Hank Lazer. Verona: QuiEdit.
2013   Occuprint: We are the 99%. Mousse publishing. June – August 2013 [Art Catalogue. Special edition limited to 800 copies]
2012   Information and Communication Technologies to Support New Ways of Lifelong Learning (Francesco Macri’, Pietro Miraglia, Curators of the Leonardo da Vinci Project for the European Commission).
2010    Gould, Henry. In RI. Providence: HG. ISBN 978-0-557-27258-7.
2009    Featured translator on Ezra: an online journal of translation. Peter Thompson, Editor:
2009   Ferrara, Thirteen Moons between Estense Poetry and Art: by Woman by Maria Cristina Nascosi. Ferrara, Italy: Centro di Documentazione Storica.
2008   Manifesta 7 [Curators: Adam Budak (Graz/Krakow), Anselm Franke (Berlin/Antwerp), Hila Peleg (Tel Aviv/Berlin) and the Raqs Media Collective (New Delhi)]. Milan, Italy: Silvana Editore. ISBN 9788836611287.
2002-08   WORK: Art in Progress (bi-monthly Art Magazine curated by the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento, last number: Summer 2008).  ISBN 88-7757-137-3.
2007   from_&_to. (Valerio Deho’ and Denis Isaia, Curators).  Bologna, Italy: Damiani Editore [Art Catalogue]. ISBN 978 88 6208 041 5
2007   From Russia with Love (Baerbel Vischer, Joseph Backstein, Valerio Deho’, Curators). Meran, Italy: kunst Meran, Baerbel Vischer.
2006   Ciboxmenti / Geistesnahrung / Food4thought (Alessandra Pace and Paola Tognon, Curators). Torino, Italy: Hopeful Monsters.
2006   Nata per acqua – Born for water (Collection of poetry by Maria Cristina Nascosi). Ferrara, Italy: Edizioni Cartografica.
2006   Stefano Cagol: Harajuku Influences (Angelique Campens, Curator). Milano-New York: Charta Editions. ISBN 88-8158-618-5
2006   Storia di un quadro – History of a painting (Art by Maria Morganti with a poem by Barry Schwabsky). Mantova, Italy: corrainiStudio. ISBN 88-7570-034-6
2005   Dino Campana: from Canti Orfici (Tony Tost, Editor; Kent Johnson, Contributing Editor for Translations). Fascicle: issue one, summer 2005:  and:
2005   Salvatore Quasimodo (Gregory Vincent St. Tommasino, Editor). Eratio, issue six, fall 2005. and
2005   L’altro sguardo: Gianni Berengo Gardin (Claudio Abbado, Peter Paul Kainrath, Curators; Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester). Rome, Italy: Peliti Associati. ISBN 88-89412-08-9.
2005   Donald Baechler: The Enemies of the Rose and other works (Valerio Deho’, Curator). Varese, Italy: Duet Editor. ISBN 88-901639-0-9.
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2005   Corrado Zeni [background] (Mariella Rossi, Curator). Mezzolombardo, Trento: Buonanno arte.
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2004   Arte in Giardino 04 (Mariella Rossi, Curator). ASPART: Association Art Galleries in Trentino.
2004   Lies by Stefano Cagol (Mami Kataoka, Sheila Lawson, Curators). London: Platform; Tokyospace: Leila Mai; NYC: E-flux.
2003   En:trance (Emanuele Quinz, Luca Marchetti: Catalogue and project). Bolzano Paris: Amonos :
2002   swimming through water (Editor and Translator). Trento, Italy: La Finestra. With an interview to the Author, Introduction and critical comments by Paolo Ruffilli, David Amram, Marco Albertazzi, Mary de Rachewiltz, Marzio Pierri. Plus CD.
2000   Metaphysical Reference: an Online Listing of Metaphysical Terms (Kenneth Hirst, Author).
2004-present   Translation of poems by the following Poets: William Allegrezza, Dennis Barone, Tom Beckett, Karin Boye, Elena Karina Byrne, Mairead Byrne, Grace Cavalieri, Douglas Clark, Jon Corelis, Ian Davidson, Richard Dillon, Katherine Durham Oldmixon, Landis Everson, Ruth Fainlight, James Finnegan, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Skip Fox, Henry Gould, Marilyn Hacker, David Howard, Arni Ibsen, Jill Jones, Katia Kapovich, S.K. Kelen, John Kinsella, Jose’ Kozer, Beverly Matherne, Janet McCann, Nessa O’Mahomy, Fan Ogilvie, Christina Pacosz, Alan Michael Parker, Michele Pierri, Tad Richards, Rayn Roberts, Michael Rothenberg, Helen Ruggieri, Susan M. Schultz, Barry Schwabsky, Rebecca Seiferle, Spencer Selby, Elizabeth Smither, John Tranter, Joel Weishaus, Karl Young:

     Journals, On-line Publications, and Digital Media (Publications are poems unless otherwise specified)
2004-present   NarcissusWorks (Anny Ballardini’s blog),
2011-10    experiential-experimental-literature (Peter Ganick, Editor), “Shining, the Sun,” “Halloween,” “poem,” “A Conversation,” “Vogue: Black Boots,” “Cain,” “Dogs and churches,” “Letter to the Smarty,”
 2009   The Live Journal (Peter Ganickz, Editor), “poem,” “And One for the Father.” and .
2003   “pop-dem or dem-pop?” International Colloquium of American Studies:  

     Literary Editing
2004-2014               Founder and Editor of the Poets’ Corner on the Fiera Lingue Site:
2008-2012        Contributing Editor, UNO (University of New Orleans) Press [until Professor Bill Lavender’s leave, MFA Director of Studies and UNO Press Chief Editor].
2011                    Co-Editor of 100 Thousand Poets for Change:
                              My Editorial:
2010                    Ekleksographia, Wave Two: Translation Special.
2009                    Co-Editor of the Health & Illness Anthology:
                              My Editorial:
2009                    Editor of Editors’ & Publishers’ Anthology:
2008                    Editor of Tribute to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons:
2008                    Co-Editor: While the He/art Pants: Poetic Responses to the 2008 American Elections:
2006-present    Contributing Correspondent of New-Poetry – NewPoetry List. James Finnegan, Owner.

     Principal Public Readings, Workshops, Performance Art, Exhibitions, Plays
2006-2012   Regular readings with UNO, University of New Orleans at the University’s summer residencies.
2008   Guest Poet at the Roger Williams University Creative Writing Program for the Poetry Month, April.
2008   Reading at Brown University Library Center with Henry Gould and Peter S. Thompson:  
2006  “L’angolo della poesia” on RAI [Italian national radio]. Nives Simonetti, Director. Introduction of a contemporary poet with the reading of a translated poem; article and publication on the local newspaper: Alto Adige.

2007   Ambassador Award, University of New Orleans, March 2007.
1986-87   Premio Papaleoni: Fiction, “Il testamento di un ignoto.”

     Essays and Reviews
2010   “Brainography by Evelyn Posamentier” Galatea resurrects: a poetry engagement No. 15:
2010   “Interview with Lidia Vianu: Author of The AfterMode. Significant Choices in Contemporary British Fiction.” The Poets’ Corner:
2008   “I Take Thee, English, for My Beloved by Eileen Tabios.” Jacket Magazine No. 35:
2008   “Oceans beyond Monotonous Space: Selected poems of Kitasono Katue” Big Bridge:
2008   “Days Poem, Vols I and II by Allen Bramhall.” Galatea Resurrects: a Poetry Engagement, No. 9:
2008   “InRI by Henry Gould” NarcissusWorks:
2007   “Jacques Derrida: Of Grammatology” UNO, University of New Orleans:
2007   “Ronald Johnson: Ark” UNO, University of New Orleans:
2007   “Interviews with Poetry Editors on the Future of Poetry Publishing.” The Argotist Online:
2004   “Poet-Editors: 43 Poet-Editors Curated & with An Introduction by Eileen R. Tabios.” Otoliths:

   Self-published Essays and Reviews on The Poets’ Corner:
“Nelson & the Huruburu Bird by Mairead Byrne”:
“La Verita’ sulla Sibilla di Ruth Fainlight”:
“Epiphany in American Poetry by Jiri Flajsar”:
“Dalla Nuda Terra al Corallo di Katarina Frostenson”:
“Fulcrum: an Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics. No. 2”:
“Soffi di Vertigine: Racconti e Poesie di Eugen Galasso”:
“How to Occupy Our Selves by David Howard & Fiona Pardington”:
“Prima della Scomparsa e Dopo: poesie 1966-2004 di Rutger Kopland”:
“Preparativi per la Partenza di Paolo Ruffilli”:
“Quattro Domande alla Malinconia di Tomaz Salamun”:

2006   Bosco dei Poeti, foreign section, Curator:
2003-2004   Judge of Poetry Competition: Premio Turoldo (Mario Lucini, Editor):
2004   Judge of Writing Contest: Cinderella 3. Millennium (Municipality of Bolzano, promoter):
1999-2003   Journalist for Il Mattino (the newspaper closed down in 2003): cinema, literary criticism, art criticism.
2000-2004   Literary collaboration with Il Cristallo (four-monthly magazine).
2002   Lecturer at the Italian Institute of Culture in Bratislava (Slovakia), October 15.
2001   Organizer of Dialogue among Civilization through Poetry in Bolzano, Italy:

2010    Winner of a scholarship at the University of Verona for a PhD in English.
2000   Winner of the Junior Challenge, International competition, with the project:

2000-2016   Journalist, registered by the Association of Italian Journalists
2006-08   School Reviewer, thanks to the following courses: Cumpetere [348 hours]; Cooperare [500 hours] organized by the Italian Pedagogical Institute of Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy.
2000-date   Member of U.P.T. (Provincial Translators’ Association), specialized in Literary and Technical Translation:
2004-2014   Lifelong Education Teachers’ List [Albo Docenti di Educazione Permanente] of the Autonomous Province of Bozen, South Tyrol, Italy.

"From Charles S. Peirce to Contemporary Poetry: a Semiotic Analysis."
Director: Prof. Cesare Gagliardi.
The dissertation examines American contemporary poetry, limited to the study of two poems by two main poets, Susan Howe and John Ashbery, filtered through Charles S. Peirce’s thought. The analysis of the poetic work is supported by direct quotations by literary critics to strengthen the leading direction of the writing that wants Peirce at the “hidden” core through semiotics. My underlying intention is to introduce the semiotician as the only philosopher-logician-linguist at the height of shaping a serious, committed, and new speculative cognitive thought to contextualize knowledge.

Prof. Cesare Gagliardi, Dept. of English, University of Studies of Verona, Italy. (+39-335-622-9689) [My PhD Mentor].
Prof. Bill Lavender, Writer, teacher, publisher. Founding Director of the Low Residency MFA Program at the University of New Orleans. (Retired.) +1 504 813 9891 [My MFA Mentor].
Prof. Hank Lazer, Associate Provost University of Alabama. Executive Director of Creative Campus, Professor of English, Office: (202) 348-7884. .
Prof. Susan Schultz, Dept. of English, University of Hawaii. .
Prof. Jerry McGuire, Dept. of English, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (337-482-5478 (WK); 337-269-0989 (HO))
Prof. Willard Fox, Dept. of English, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (337-482-5491).

CREDENTIALS: Complete dossier available upon request.



Il presente Curriculum Vitae della mia attivita’ professionale, scientifica e didattica corrisponde a verita’. Tutte le dichiarazioni ivi contenute vengono rese ai sensi degli art. 46 e 47 del D.P.R. 445/2000.

In fede,

Anny Ballardini